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FLORJA - Every. Drop. Counts.

„Do my plants need more or less water?“

„When is the right time to fertilize?”

Isn't it time for pruning?"

FLORJA helps find the right - and sustainable - answers to

questions like these

FLORJA determines the individual water requirements of your plants in real time and enables precise watering incl. automation options.

As a result, the plants only use exactly as much water as they really need.

No more water stress - healthy and optimized plants.

Smart Gardening with FLORJA means

  • Measurement of individual plant requirements with the latest sensor technology

  • finally optimal conditions for sustainably healthy plants

  • Combination with online data (e.g. latest site-specific weather data) and parameters from the comprehensive FLORJA knowledge database.

  • immediate connection with your plant via Smart LoRaWAN Technology

  • enormous potential to save water and time and thus make a real contribution to the protection of our environment

  • individual watering and care plans based on intelligent FLORJA algorithms

...AND all this as an open cloud platform and true plug&play solution - ready to use in hours and always and from anywhere with any internet enabled device.

Your bemefits at a glance


Automated and intelligent irrigation with FLORJA

  • Intelligent irrigation based on moisture sensors combined with weather forecasts and AI coming soon !!

  • Timed watering per valve and mobile control at any time

  • Ad Hoc irrigation, from anywhere and at any time

    => combination of all three irrigation types

    more info...

  • no limitation from the system how many valves can be connected

  • existing hardware and infrastructure can be used

  • integration with many web based systems possible

  • operable with any internet enabled device

  • Failsafe and 100% wireless

  • Battery 2+years

100% automated, wireless and intelligent irrigation with FLORJA 

Optimized plant care through artificial intelligence!

Professional plant care involves very many factors and is not the same for every plant, substrate and location. Water, light, heat, nutrients and expertise must be optimally combined, applied in a plant-specific manner and adjusted as needed.

FLORJA in combination with our open interface already enables these factors to be documented and used in care today.

To offer our customers further real added value, in 2022 we developed the first intelligent algorithms (AI) that automatically analyze and evaluate the interrelationships of the above factors and derive care instructions from them - a new dimension in active plant care!

Sounds complicated? Contact us at and let us show you how much easier FLORJA can make your everyday work with the help of AI.

Premium sensor technology

FLORJA-sensors measure soil moisture, soil temperature and salinity. You can directly access all measured values of your sensors at any time (in real time and historically) with any internet-enabled end device. Thanks to cloud-based data management, they can also be immediately taken into account in all relevant processes.


  • easy installation

  • cost-effective and reliable

  • arbitrarily expandable

  • top quality made in Europe


Would you like to get to know FLORJA without any obligation?


We have created a demo account for you so that you can easily get a first impression of the potential of smart plant care with FLORJA.


Here you can access real sensor data, test display options and much more.

Simply log in with the following access data, take a look around at your leisure and see for yourself.

For additional information or if you want to go a little deeper directly, feel free to take a look at our user manual.

FLORJA "live" testing

 - without registration -

Login Consumer / Customer:


Password:   demo2023

Administrator Login:


Password:   admini2023

For additional information / training we recommend to make a demo appointment to get the real "power" of FLORJA for your company / city presented by our specialists.

Schedule an appointment with us

Would you like to make a personal appointment, would you like an individual offer or do you still have questions about smart plant care with FLORJA?


Smart plant management with FLORJA

Measurement of individual plant requirements via state-of-the-art sensor technology (soil moisture, soil temperature, salinity, ...) - top quality made in Europe

Individual watering and care plans based on intelligent FLORJA algorithms

Combination with online data (e.g. latest site-specific weather data) and parameters from the comprehensive FLORJA knowledge database


Open cloud platform (clear visualization, intuitive user interface, integration of existing irrigation systems and any LoRaWAN devices).

Easy installation through true plug & play, cost-effective and reliable

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